Friday, April 1, 2011

Okay, So, Maybe NOT...

Okay, it's been awhile. Not exactly what I'd hoped, but hey, I'm better than a couple of my fellow wanna-be-bloggers. I posted TWICE last year! That's a year more recently than at least two of my friends. It's okay; they're busy. By now, one of them has two babies, and another one has number two on the way. So yeah, they've been doing... other things...

Anyway, so I met some new friends and a few of them have blogs, too, so I suppose maybe I was inspired to at least fix my margins here and put up a decent background. I still haven't quite mastered the whole blog background thing, but there's always hope, right? Blogger made a few additions since I last posted. (Really? Additions? Since I posted last YEAR? Wow. I'm surprised.) So maybe I can finally work this out.

Although, every time I go to pick out a new background, I'm surprised with how girlie I've become. The new blue-striped background was me rebelling against the pink. Surely, with a three-year-old who insists that she only wear either pink or purple, I've have enough pink? I'm just glad I painted her room blue. If she stood still against a pink wall, she'd be camouflaged. Her only concessions in her wardrobe are anything with Tinkerbell, Minnie Mouse or a Princess on it. Unless we can get The Princess and the Frog into the rotation, we're never going to see green.

On the other hand, she usually dresses herself -- head to toe. We only argue if she's trying to wear a sundress when it's 36 degrees outside, or when she puts on her fleece outfits when it's sweatin' in the shade weather. One day, she went to school in a blue sundress (covered in purple and aqua butterflies), red socks, and yellow shoes. Hey, she liked it. Who was I to argue?

Besides, the neon yellow "tap shoes" have been a fixture in her life for the past two years. TWO years! When she got them, she insisted on clomping around in them, despite the fact that they in NO WAY fit. I don't know how she pulls it off, but everyone loves them! Maybe it's just her little attitude when she's pracing around in them, but somehow she manages to make it happen. Go figure.

But I'm really concerned about when she outgrows them. It's bad enough when we can't find them in the morning before school. What am I going to do when she's rubbing holes in her feet with them, or when the soles finally fall off? It's going to be a complete disaster. If I'm lucky, I won't end up at Macy's in the middle of the night, banging on their boor, begging for a pair of preschooler-sized pumps. With glitter.