Thursday, October 9, 2008

Things I Want After The Weight Goes

In no particular order:

  • Pancakes (cheesecake pancakes, preferably, and fried so they get that crispy ring around the edge)
  • Yogurt
  • To bake a few cakes/cookies/whatever
  • A HOT, FRESH Kripsy Kreme Doughnut
  • Outback Cheese Fries
  • To drink coffee without thinking about the sugar
  • Pizza Hut Pan Pizza
  • Alice Springs Chicken
  • Kashi TLC Honey Sesame Crackers

Looks like a trip to Outback is in order, doesn't it?

Hmm... can't think of much else. I'm sure there's more, but the pants are the most important goal. I miss them, and now my butt is going to freeze until I can get back into them, because I'M NOT BUYING MORE PANTS WHEN I HAVE PERFECTLY GOOD JEANS THAT SHOULD FIT ME ALREADY!!!! I feel like I've put in a lot of work over the past eight months, and that's really my big goal... I'm just frustrated that with what I feel like is a lot of effort, I haven't seen many results. Especially with splitting my pants wide open the other day.

Cutezilla and I at least had a decent day, I guess. I got to the Step Aerobics class, too, which turned out to be a step interval class... 370 calories, maybe, but I was sort of stuck with my hand, so I went really light on the weights, and tried not to push it too much. The intervals are supposed to burn 35% more fat, so that's sort of nice, at least.

I gained some this week -- three or four pounds -- but it's water weight. Kind of weird to think I've gained a half-gallon milk jug somewhere. But anyway, that should be better in a few days. It's not my salt intake, it's hormones, at least. Somehow that's better than me eating stupid, like I normally do.

But hopefully that's also why I'm not feeling fantastic at the moment. Anyway, just need to get some good sleep in tonight, I think.


The Stein Family said...

Unfortunately, if you indulge in too many of those things the first one will go away much quicker than it came to you -- I know, I'm really helping the obsession...on to an interesting note, did you know it's been almost 2 years since I had Outback and at least a year since I had Krispy Kreme...maybe you should move out to the middle-of-nowhere-California with me...I could use cheese fries, alice springs chicken and krispy kreme too. I was actually thinking earlier in the week that when Chris is home our first date night has to be to Outback...Mmmmm!

Southern Tiger said...

Oh no, definitely not all at one shot. That would be a horrible idea! One or two in a week wouldn't kill me. But at least I get to do some baking this week! I got (sort of) lucky that BiLo has the Outback bread. I can't HAVE any of it right now, but at least it's available without having to be tempted into everything else!