Thursday, June 18, 2009

I've been tagged with an EIGHT meme! And I had a few minutes, and figured, it was already 1am, so what the hell? Sure!

Eight Things I Am Looking Forward To:
*Spending the weekend in a hotel
*Seeing my friends
*Any point where I get something finished and it looks good
*Losing my baby weight, and having my clothes and BOTH wedding rings fit... (yes, two years later, still)
*Any month where there isn't a birthday or a national holiday (I need some down time.)
*Alone Time
*A Clean House

Eight Things I Did Yesterday:
*Worked on a new shirt
*Read a chapter from Spellbinder by Melanie Rawn
*Wrote a blurb for a cover letter
*Ran/Walked 5 miles/Weighlifted
*Designed a t-shirt
*Played with Cutezilla
*Paid bills
*Went swimming

Eight Things I Wish I Could Do:
*Keep the house clean... or at least clean enough that I have more than a postage-stamp-sized piece of counter space clear
*Lose the baby weight and be able to wear my clothes and wedding rings again
*Get my email inbox below 300 and have it STAY THERE (currently at 900 and counting)
*Not stick my foot in my mouth every ten minutes when I'm talking to someone... or ANYONE
*Not worry so much
*Be able to give more and do more
*Work magic like in Harry Potter... what I would do for some of those house charms Mrs. Weasley has!
*Be telepathic.

Eight Shows I Watch:
*BAA! (Cutezilla's name for Shaun The Sheep)
*The Mentalist
*Lie To Me
*History Channel documentaries

Eight Favorite Foods:
*Filet Mignon with a reduction sauce... unless the steak is *THAT* good... then just all by itself
*Creme Brulee
*Chipotle Burritos
*Roly Poly Wraps
*Alice Springs Chicken
*Dark Chocolate

Eight Places I'd Like To Travel:

Eight People I've Tagged:
*...and that's about it as far as friends who have blogs that haven't already been tagged.... :sigh:

I'm exhausted and need some sleep so I can make it to Zumba without falling asleep behind the wheel on the way over! G'night!

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Harmony said...

Fun lists!

We had some of the best cuts of steak EVER in Germany...but then they cooked it to shoe leather :(