Saturday, November 8, 2008

Midnite Shopping & The Cockroach Crisis

Last night, I went shopping at 11pm. For a change, it wasn't to Wal-Mart or Target. Garden Ridge is having a sale this weekend, and they're going to be open until midnight Friday and Saturday. Cutezilla and Daddy passed out cold, so off I went, and guilt-free for a change! It was so nice, being able to browse for a change. Cutezilla has gotten to the point where she wants to get down and explore... a lot. Since she has this chaos gene where apparently she's compelled to pull everything apart or out or off -- espeically out of bins or off hangers -- going out with her lately has been... challenging. picked up a few things for Christmas, and it was so nice to be able to look without being distracted with what she's handing me or where she's running off to.

When I got home, while I was on the phone chatting with a friend of mine (whoever thought a three hour time difference would come in handy?) a cockroach ran across the kitchen floor and freaked me out.

What was nice about this happening, other than my husband playing the gallant knight to my rescue, was that for once, I got to freak out without [hardly] anyone saying, "Oh my God, you're freaking out why???" And it's not because my friend's a girl. It's because she's from Charleston, which is infested with the damn things and she understands. It was so nice to be able to hop around like an idiot, totally freaking out while someone else on the other end freaks out a little with you.

My conclusion: The best friends you'll ever have either A) come to squash the bug for you, or B) freak out with you.


The Stein Family said...

Did I tell you about the time this summer when I looked down in the shower to find a roach on my foot??!! Trust me, I understand the freak out -- nothing like being in the shower with a roach and forgetting in your panic how to open the shower door! I took showers with the drain closed for weeks after!
BTW, I wonder where your little one gets that chaos gene from???!!!!

Southern Tiger said...

Um... NO. I'd've quit showering in that shower for a month, probably wouldn't have gone back until after at least three cloroxings. Not to mention that my foot would be missing a nice patch of skin where I scrubbed it all off where the roach had been.

RE: chaos gene? Um... why, er, NO, I have NO IDEA where it could have come from...! :uhoh: