Thursday, April 16, 2009

Allergy Season Has Arrived

And in mad, fabulous style. If I'm lucky, I may not drown in my own snot tonight while I sleep. But I wouldn't count on it. Every time I lean over for any reason at all, my nose leaves a thin trail of ooze on whatever happens to be under it. It is yet another glorious spring in the South.

The pollen is so thick, there's a thin dusting of yellow on everything. Cars here now vary on color as follows: yellow, grayish-yellow, greenish-yellow, blue-ish yellow, orange, and of course, YELLOW.

However disgusting the by products of spring are, though, the flowers are everywhere, and it is gorgeous everywhere you look... aside it's not directly at my poor swollen face, of course. We -- Cutezilla, MamaE and Sam and I -- have been to the parks almost every day this week, and I have to say Greenville has the most amazing park facilities EVER. The latest one we visited was a new one we discovered: Herdklotz Park. While the name is dreadful, the park itself is amazing. The smaller park for the little ones is really nice, with the normal slides and whatnot, but the bigger one... MamaE and I decided we needed to get a babysitter to go to this park by ourselves! There is a three-level tower big enough for adults, with a small climbing wall up to the second level, and three-story twisty slides. It's awesome. I'll post pictures when I can.

Anyway, just wanted to get in a note while I had a chance. Wish me luck on not drowning in my sleep tonight.

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Megan said...

Good luck! I've been dealing with allergies for the last month or so. They usually don't affect me, but this year has been one continuous dully sick feeling. I can't really hope for it to end though because that'll mean it's 115 outside. Oi.