Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Back to the Blog...

Finally got back to the computer. It's another "day off" for me finally, which means I finally have enough time (and energy) to sit down and type for a few minutes. The last few weeks have been crazy. Even for me, it's been crazy. The good news is that we've been busy; the downside is that I'm way to tired to do much of anything lately, including blog. Last week was Cutezilla's "Spring Break" -- MamaE phrased the question perfectly: "So what? Do all the little babies get to go to Daytona for a week???" And that whole week the Hubby was gone to San Diego.

Oddly enough, Cutezilla and I did okay together. She had just gotten back from her Grammy's in Charleston, and apparently decided I was okay to hang out with after all. That was a really nice change of pace. As a result, Cutezilla and I will be taking regular separate vacations from now on. I think it's best for both of us.

I had also spent the last few weeks being insanely hormonal, too, so it was probably a good thing I didn't blog too much while that was going on. MamaE has been a godsend and a blessing. If it hadn't been for her a few Fridays ago, I would have fallen apart at the seams -- literally, too, probably.

My birthday was a few weeks ago, too, and while it was a fairly quiet one, it turned out to be really nice. We had Caribbean Jerked chicken, which I thought turned out really well -- and it was a double dessert birthday! MamaE made Bananas Foster Bread Pubbing, and my buddy Jake made the cake: a decadent rum-soaked concoction with homemade icing! It was awesome! After that, MamaE and Jake and I went over to the 2nd Annual Salsa Congressita for a show and some dancing. I didn't do a whole lot of dancing, but it was fun just to sit down and chat and be relaxed with friends for a change instead of being on a schedule and only having a small amount of time.

The other really wonderful thing about it was that I have gotten in some relatively quality "girl time" lately, which is a rare thing for me. While I'm not a girly-girl, sometimes even I need to indulge my girl genes, and it's not entirely fair for me to expect the Hubby to fulfill on that. It's not like I can fill in for his buddies for "guy time," and I don't expect to be able to. So that has been one of the more subtle, but truly wonderful gifts this year, and it's been long overdue. I miss all of my now non-local girlfriends quite a bit, and while I'm thankful for things like this blog, Facebook, cell phones, and email for keeping us in touch, I still miss getting to hug them all in person.

It also turned out to be a Furniture Birthday: Hubby gave me the bedside tables to match our dresser finally! The bedroom almost looks like adults might inhabit the place! And as a result of sheer luck in timing, the new entertainment center came in at the same time! Well, parts of it, at least. The main center console and the hutch behind it came. The towers are still in transit. Which is fine, because we're still getting the wiring figured out. But I think it's beautiful! A bonus perk: Cutezilla can't reach the power button anymore! At least for a few more months...

But I suppose I should at least make an effort on the house while I have a few minutes... sad that my "free" time goes to domestic bull, but on the other hand, it makes me crazy (*ier) when the house is that much of a disaster. And for those of you who ever saw my dorm room, this should say volumes.

Oh well.


The Stein Family said...

Uh, Dorm room?! Don't you mean dumping grounds? I mean, really, no one actually ever saw those *rooms* while you were living in them!

Southern Tiger said...

:sigh: Sadly all too true. You'd be surprised if you saw my cabinets, though! I'm even a little obsessive about the organization! Evey six months or so, I pull one or more apart and reorganize them! (Ava has a field day when I do it!)