Monday, August 25, 2008

Let the Calorie-Counting Begin.

The pimento cheese is finally gone, along with two boxes of Kashi Honey Sesame Crackers and 75% of a box of Sun-Dried Tomato Wheathins. (Iknow, I know, I have a carb addiction, but that's for another article, another time!) So, despite having my husband's birthday this coming weekend, the calorie counting will begin, as promised.

I did make it to the cardio combo class again today, and I hope to get in something else by the end of the day... however I'm not sure how good that's looking, because my daughter is currently asleep on top of me, after wailing her lungs out for a good hour. Poor kid is teething, so I gave her some ibuprofen, but she seems pretty miserable still. She even whimpered in her sleep.

But that doesn't mean it's out of the question. I do have a plan for dinner, so there's a point in my favor... although Sleeping Beauty's current location isn't going to help me out. But we'll see.

The weekend went fairly okay, food-wise. We went to the waterpark, and I said no to the Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich, the funnel cake, the fries, the hotdogs, and the rest of it... so I think I did pretty good... okay, okay, there were Outback Cheese Fries on Friday, but that wasn't my fault!!! The manager gave them to us because we waited FOREVER! How am I supposed to say no to FREE cheese fries??? I did manage to not order the Alice Springs Chicken though...
But overall, I'm back down five pounds. I never thought I'd say it, but thank God for water weight. I have six to go before I'm back to where I was a few weeks ago, but if I can hit the spin classes a few more times, I think that's possible.
Tomorrow's goal: 9am Walk to Run Class and the 5pm Cycle Class.

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