Friday, August 22, 2008

To Yoga or Not To Yoga

Apparently, it's "not" for today. I showed up about 2 minutes too late, so I had to "audible at the line" as my husband would say. You can really tell my brain wasn't working yet, because when I walked by the Cardio Kick Class at 9:05am, I thought, "Oh hey, CARDIO. Sure, why not?" However, I did fail to notice the instructor was wearing her army-drill-sergeant-green shirt.

I might be able to walk tomorrow.

Actually, I'm doing okay right now, but that's exactly what I was thinking during the class. Er, okay, maybe not exactly... there might have been a few choice words inserted here and there, but it's close.

Ultimately it's a good thing, though. While I do love the yoga class and the instructor -- she has this mellow dream-like voice that practically coaxes you into a coma -- what I need is weight-lifting and cardio, more than core strength if I want to lose weight. And if I'm sweating and having to push myself? That's exactly what's going to happen. (Or so I keep telling myself. The blog will tell.)

So today, it was 45 minutes of cardio kick (300 calories), 15 minutes of stretching, and another 40 minutes on the elliptical (375 calories). So that's 675 calories burned today, and it's just barely noon. BOO-YAH, people!

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