Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Audible at the Line, v. Tuesday

So last night, I did not make it to the Step'N Sculpt class. My dance instructor called and said he had a last minute cancellation for 8:45pm, so I jumped on it. I haven't had a lesson in WEEKS, and it's been killing me. Not only that, but hopefully I will also have one on Friday!

I need more stamina though. I run out of energy way before I should, and I start thinking about just stepping and not everything that goes into the step. My muscles also aren't strong enough to give me good control when I'm running out of energy, and between the lack of strength and not thinking about my technique, everything gets really sloppy.

I have a Mini-Match coming up, and I'd like to be able to give it my best. Unfortunately, that means I need more practice, somehow, so I can try to remember the smaller details that make the dances look good. And my posture. Practice would definitely help me with my posture, so I wouldn't look like a turtle humped over all the time. Good posture would also make the turns and crossovers much easier to do and handle. Right now, I'm constantly leaning forward which offsets my center of gravity and makes it nearly impossible to do a decent turn, much less a solo turn when I don't have a partner to depend on.

That being said, I am going to try to hit the spin class tonight, and get in some extra cardio, even though I've already been to the "Walk to Run" Class, and the weightlifting class.

The Walk to Run class was nice this morning. Even though I'm not a runner, it was great to get outside. It was lightly drizzling, and the air was fresh and cool. Just perfect for going outside and getting active and hot. That light sprinkle and cool breeze keep you from getting over-heated, and with it being overcast, it wasn't too bright that I was worried about getting too much sun. When you usually blend in with the drywall, that tends to be a real problem.

The run intervals were perfect though -- 45 seconds of running for every three minutes of walking. But they're going to change, unfortunately. The class is to help people get geared up for running without over-doing it. I don't know if I want to run, per say, but it's definitely good for me to have variety in my workouts, and running definitely counts as cardio. So we'll see how that goes.

I also did the weightlifting class this morning. It's a little depressing to think that at one point I could do a pull-up, no problem, and now it's an effort just to lift my shoulders off the floor when I'm laying down under a bar. But the good news is, for some of the sets, I'm ready to go up in weight. They weren't easy, but I had some more to give. Not all of the sets were that way, of course. Some were insanely hard to get through; some sets my muscles even quit on me -- which exactly what I need. I need to find that upper limit and push it. It's the only way I'm going to increase my stamina and my physical abilities.

Calorie posting will happen later in the week. I've got a little notebook I'm toting around everywhere writing down what I'm eating, so fear not. I'm not going to cheat you. Speaking of calories, I NEED LUNCH!

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