Thursday, September 4, 2008

Internet Withdrawl

My internet was out all last week. The cable company finally got around to fixing it on Saturday, but that was the hubby's birthday, so that didn't help me get a blog in... and then there was the Mad Keyboard Milk Disaster.

My infant woke up while I was fiddling with the cable modem, and Little Miss Ninja Fingers slid off her beanbag chair and crawled over to my keyboard as silent as you please. It was like a slow motion moment in the movies, where I looked over to see my milk precariously on edge and tipping slowly over my keyboard. And she has amazing aim, apparently. Almost all of it landed in the keyboard itself, somehow.

I figured, "Well, it already has a FULL glass of milk in it... how could I top that?" So I ran it under the sink and popped it into the dryer -- on a drying rack on "No Heat" of course. But yeah, it's gone to that keyboard heaven in the sky. So Tuesday night, I dropped into WalMart and bought a new one.

And here we are, wired again!

Back on topic: last week, I promised to post my calories, and I have them right here. I think I did fairly well last week. Lots of good exercise, eating within moderation, even though I'm craving chocolate chip cookies so badly I could scream. And there are THREE packs of Oreos from the birthday celebrations sitting on my counter, and I haven't eaten any this week. I'd consider that a success in and of itself.

At least it looks like a good week by the numbers.

My Net Caloric Intake:
MONDAY = -585 Calories
TUESDAY = -775 Calories
WEDNESDAY = -158 Calories
THURSDAY = -1061 Calories
FRIDAY = -453 Calories

All in all, looks pretty decent, huh? And then the weekend happened. All I can say is Birthday Calories shouldn't count -- even if it's not your birthday.
But that's for another blog, I guess.

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