Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Today I Feel... Good?

It's been weird, but all day, I've been feeling pretty good. I got up, made myself an omelet (which is pretty miraculous in and of itself), got the diaper bag properly restocked, finished cycling my laundry, wrote an email or two, and got to the gym by 10:30 for my cardio/weightlifting class.

During class, too, I was looking at myself in the mirror -- normally a horrendously BAD idea -- but today it seemed like I looked a little less frumpy, I guess. The scales dropped back down, too. That's always variable, though. There is about three pounds variance in my weight from morning to evening, usually, depending on what I ate and did. I'm trying to drink lots of water, too, and today I think I did okay there, too.

I had a dance lesson, and my instructor liked my dress. He said it fit well, and didn't look like it would flare up too badly on the turns. The straps are pretty secure, too, which is nice. I can't keep a strap on my shoulders unless it's literally glued there. (And as luck would have it, I'm allergic to the "glue" -- double-sided adhesive tape.) I was feeling pretty decent even before I went to my dance lesson, though.

I got on the elliptical again today, and did almost 4 miles, which burned 400 calories. I'm going to try for the early cycle class tomorrow, but it's hard to get to that 9am class on time for me... but I'm going to give it my best shot, and the diaper bag is already packed.

I even made breakfast tonight, for the rest of the week. Turkey sausage crustless quiches with cheese. The turkey tastes awesome, too! I actually ate the leftovers as a snack. The recipe called for 1/4th cup turkey sausage for 6 cups. The turkey only comes in one POUND packages, so I had more than enough for a full muffin pan. But I added more meat, since I'm getting tired of eggs already. I've had at least three omelets since Thursday, and I've had to buy another dozen eggs.

Tonight, though, I made parmesan chicken, which turned out really tasty. I was really surprised at how good it was. I used a container of parmesan cheese as "breading," added paprika, pepper, and italian seasonings, and baked it in the oven. No bread crumbs, and parmesan is moderately low in fat anyway.

I may have gotten carried away at the grocery store though. I picked up chicken -- which made tonight's meal, plus two others which are currently marinating in the fridge -- lean, thin-cut steak, mushrooms to stuff into the steak, and more mushrooms to be stuffed with spinach and cheese. But it's good that I'm really interested in what I'm making. I need to pick up some veggies here and there, too. I had some leftover asparagus tonight, at least. Not a lot, but it's something.

I still need to record my calories, and post them, but I'd actually like to get in bed before 1am, for a change. If my daughter takes a decent nap tomorrow, maybe I'll do it then. Cross your fingers for me.

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The Stein Family said...

Yeah!!! My fingers are crossed. Glad you had a good day! I, on the other hand, felt my calf muscles tighten up into little rocks as I tried to run for my workout tonight -- so I didn't get far. Tomorrow's another day :)