Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Knight in a Shining... Mazda3?

The hubby came home this afternoon, just in time for lunch. If I've never said it before, let me say it now: I LOVE THAT MAN.

He came in, did all the dishes while Ava and I slept -- her 10pm bedtime also included a "midnight" snack at 3am... after I went to bed at 1am. Then after he got done, Ava woke up, and he took her to lunch and let me sleep for another whole hour. THEN, he brought me back lunch from Chick-Fil-A, and then took Ava with him to the park! It was awesome! It was amazing! It was... QUIET.

So I called the spa and scheduled some medieval torture. With the Mini-Match coming up, if there was ever a time to get it done, now is that time. The lady who had me was awesome too. Very nice, very sweet -- and checked EVERY ingredient on EVERY product to make sure it was all okay for me and my allergies. We also commiserated over the problems of having a nut allergy, since her son has one too.

For medieval torture, I came out fairly well relaxed.

I'm still sick, though. I feel like I should have hacked up most of my lungs by now, but there still seems to be at least one left in my chest, somehow. I think my allergies are having a serious effect on my recovery though. I didn't do all that well today, and I didn't have any antihistimines... and then when I finally did, it was like night and day. I just felt SO much better. But I also realized sometime yesterday that I'm taking somewhere between 6 and 10 benedryl a day.

Oh well. It works. After that, who cares?

I also went out and bought some makeup for the Mini Match this weekend. Should be interesting.


The Stein Family said...

See -- I told you it was strange -- you had to go buy the makeup -- glad to see you haven't changed all that much :) Congrats on your day off -- your husband is very good at what he he coming to CA anytime soon? I have a couple kids who love Chick-fil-a and the park :)

The Stein Family said... was your mini match? Where's the pics? how are you feeling? where've you been? It's scary but I'm getting used to hearing from you more often can't just disappear like that...I mean really!