Monday, September 22, 2008

The Plague: Day Five

Going on Six. I would have rather have been scraped out of bed with a spatula and smeared across a gravel parking lot than gotten out of bed this morning. Thursday when I went in to the doctor, I had a scratchy throat and wanted to make sure it wasn't something like strep.

He said I looked okay, aside from an allergy-aggravated sinus problem, and at the time, I FELT okay -- at least compared to the last few days. So Friday, I didn't feel great, so I stayed home most of the day, aside from one or two Sanity Trips. (Apparently I need to leave the house once per day or I start getting some sort of weird cabin fever.) But I was feeling well enough, so I just kept thinking, "I'll get some good sleep, and in the morning I'll feel better." Saturday rolled around, and I played some golf with the hubby. Only nine, though, because I still felt pretty lousy, but the day was too nice to waste, and I really wanted to enjoy having back-to-back babysitters. Then after golf, we dropped in at Sonic, and I had a mini-banana split. (They're so ADORABLE!)

Then we went home, got showers, and the hubby and I went to enjoy a nice dinner out at the American Grocery Restaurant, and the evening at the Symphony. The soloist, Karen Gomyo, played a Stradivarius violin called ex Foulis. I have no idea what makes a virtuoso, but she played for something like half-an-hour with no music at all. She just played. (The hubby's comment, "You know she's just making that up as she goes, right?") It was really incredible.

The restaurant had some really amazing coffee, too. This place in Traveler's Rest, The Leopard Forest Coffee Company, owns a coffee farm in Zimbabwe, and sells it here in South Carolina. Could be a nice little adventure trip to take sometime... you know, after the recovery.

But I'm on antibiotics now. The doc had the good sense to send me off with a prescription. I don't know why I didn't get it filled earlier, but I guess later is better than never. This week is almost entirely shot though, and it's not even Tuesday.

I also need to figure out a nice thank you gift for my babysitter's mother. I called her to see if my babysitter was available. She said that Leah, my babysitter was in play practice, but that she -- the mother -- wasn't far from the house, and wouldn't mind coming over for a few minutes to keep my booger occupied for awhile. It was a godsend, I have to be honest. My daughter just wanted someone to play with, and this was exactly what she got. For two hours. It was awesome. Cookies? Maybe cheesecake?

But hopefully tomorrow will go better.


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