Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Postin' It Up

Okay, so here are the week and weekend calories. They don't look too bad, I guess. These include my start to the South Beach Diet, which began on Thursday evening, September 11th.

(I also fixed all the images in the previous posts so that they link to the correctly-sized images, in case you actually wanted to read them... really, it's over-rated, though. Trust me.)

Last Weekend:

The Week:

The Autocross Weekend:

Autocrosses really do me in, but I am outside all day, usually running around, so I don't feel SO bad about the calories. But THIS particular weekend, I managed to snag a hotel room ALL TO MYSELF!!! So I took a long, fantastically silent bath, did some stretching, and buried myself in two beds worth of pillows. Literally. I had pillows under me, on top of me, behind my back. There's something to be said about an overabundance of pillows. So deliciously fabulous. Oh wow, I want to go back right now!

To top it all off -- and wreck my diet -- they had a hot continental breakfast. Doughnuts? Not a problem. I can ignore those. Bagels? Pastries? Again, meh, who cares? But OMG. Carbon's Malted Waffles? No. I must have them. They are so tasty, so deliciously buttery and soft. And if they're just a tad cripsy? EVEN BETTER! I've been really tempted to find a hotel in the area that has them, too, and just go.


But that will have to wait until after this whole Phase One of the SBD.

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