Monday, September 15, 2008

Week 3 Summary: My Soul for a Cracker

Well. I guess it's going a little better. The number on the scales finally dropped... one pound. Okay, it dropped FOUR, and then went back up, although not ALL the way up. Regardless I'm just a little wary of throwing a party over it, when I have this Scale Flatline History.

However, I did try on some pants I have, and they were LESS tight in the thighs and in the waist, so I can be ecstatic about that at least. It's a sign of progress of some sort, and it's what I needed.

I also took up the doctor on his suggestion about low-carb dieting. I started on Thursday, and I've done okay. I was kind of flailing around for a few days, but I went to the library on Saturday and sheepishly checked out The South Beach Diet and the accompanying cookbook. It's actually a combo of low-fat and low-carb, which sort of sucks. Low-fat cheese is usually pretty terrible in my opinion, in addition to being dry, but I guess I can always poke around until I find one I like.

The headaches are better, though, and the cravings aren't so bad right now. I'm not terrible about my sweets, as a general rule, but I seriously miss my yogurt and my Kashi crackers. Breakfast is not going to be fun in the morning, though. I did okay this weekend, because I slept though breakfast and ended up at lunch, which was nice. (And wonderful of the hubby; thank you, sweetheart!)

I don't have anything prepared for the morning, though, and I need to make a run to the grocery store in order to start having an appropriate breakfast in general. All I've got right now are three boxes of Kashi cereals I'm dying for, that of course, I can't have. I can't skip it though, because if I do, I'll never make it though my workout classes. I skipped on Friday (accidentally), and it was all I could do to make it through a simple yoga class. Not that yoga is easy, exactly, but it's definitely a lower exertion level than cycle or step aerobics. I was actually grateful when the nursery came and got me to take my daughter because she was upset.

So tomorrow, it'll probably be tomatoes, cheese, turkey, and whatever else I might have time for, that's also Phase One Approved. I have some new whole-grain, vanilla-graham, probiotic cereal from Kashi that looks fantastic, but that will have to wait. I keep reminding myself that Phase One is only for two weeks, and I only have eleven days left to go.

My liquid intake has been terrible since I started the South Beach Diet (SBD), though. I got close yesterday, but still didn't make my goal of 60 ounces of liquid. I was making up part of that number with milk and fruit juice. The SBD takes out everything except a cup of decaf in the morning -- with Splenda as a sweetener -- and water for the rest. I'm not a very good water drinker. Even during a workout where I'm sweating through my shirt, I'm still really bad about not drinking enough. Which, of course, is why I've been recording the number of ounces I'm getting.

I'm still counting calories, too, and I'll post those up later, of course.

But I guess, overall, things are a little better. Not enough for a celebration, but definitely a tiny bit of a sign that I'm heading in the right direction.

This week's itinerary:
1 Cardio-Weight Class
2-3 Cycle Classes (I didn't make any last week, and I'm severly disappointed with myself.)
2 Weightlifting Classes
1000 Calories on the machines

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