Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Extended Birthday-Holiday Eating Marathon

As I said before, birthday calories shouldn't count. Even if it's not your own. In fact, if you THROWING a bash for someone, that should count as a workout. No kidding. All that running around, getting things straight, getting things clean, setting up, decorating, cooking... definitely a workout. I was up until 1am on Friday getting things ready for the hubby's birthday. We had a tailgate-style birthday, since the hubby is a real Tiger Football fan -- Clemson, of course. Is there another team?

My buddy made FABULOUS ribs, in addition to the wings I baked. He makes a kick-ass sauce that has become my hubby's No. 1 Favorite... which would have been good information to have before I made sixteen trips to various grocery stores looking for the previous number one. But how can you surprise someone if you ask them what they want? It's kind of hard to slip in those questions and be sly about it, you know what I mean?

For having a ton of food available, I was pretty good, though. I had eight wings (baked), a small section of boneless ribs, two "bones" worth of boned ribs, cinnamon sugar sweet potato chips (don't ever try them; you can't ever get enough), two oreos, and a minor amount of Tennessee Sin Dip, which I made low-fat by using yogurt cheese instead of cream cheese.

Part of what did me in was that the English Country Tea House was closing, so we went and had High Tea with scones and tea sandwiches, and a few pieces of cake... and a traditional pasty. About 800 calories or more, I think. I didn't have much of the cakes though, so I was moderately well behaved. But since it was the last day they were going to be open, my poor husband had to deal with an English Tea for lunch on his birthday. Fortunately for him, our buddy Rock was in town, and just his mere presence can level the playing field in the Estrogen versus Testosterone Battle, no matter how many girls you have in the room... or the building...

So to sum up the Labor Day / Hubby Birthday Weekend, my caloric intake for each day was as follows:

Friday: 1200 Calories
Saturday: 3166 Calories
Sunday: 2351 Calories
Monday: 1855 Calories

I did play a little golf, though. The course is fairly hilly, and I did carry my clubs, so that's something of a workout, even if we did have to quit at the Eighth Hole because of rain. (It was a really delicious day to be out, honestly. The rain was perfect!) I also played a little Wii Golf and Wii Bowling, which can be a little bit of a workout.

It was even somewhat quiet since we sent the Monster Munchkin off to visit Grammy and Grandad. But yeah, from the diet/weight loss perspective, not a great weekend. A lot of fun, of course, but not productive towards my goals.


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The Stein Family said...

Definitely not! Who wants to think about calories and weight loss when there's cake and ice cream around?!