Thursday, January 29, 2009

I Met A Girl And I Think She's The One!

Okay, so since my hubby got out of grad school, it's been much harder to meet new people. All of my good girlfriends live elsewhere now, too -- California, Kansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Atlanta, etc -- so it's been really hard for my to indulge my girly side much. It also sort of loses its appeal without another girl to do it with.

But a few weeks ago, the hubby encouraged me to join a playgroup. I found the Stay At Home Mother's Meetup Group on Meetup.Com. I figured "What the hell?" and went to a playdate. I ran into this girl with a little boy a few months younger than Cutezilla, and we seemed to hit it off a little. We set up a mall walking date... and maybe it's because it's been awhile since I met someone I could hang out with, maybe it's because I don't meet a lot of people in general anymore, but whatever the reason, this date felt exactly like that. A DATE.

We chatted and walked from 11:45am until almost 6pm! I got home, and found myself really excited and elated, and really conflicted over when to call her next. Is this like real dating? Because I really didn't want to seem like a stalker already by immediately calling this chick, and saying, "Hey, do you want to spend tomorrow together too?" I ended up waiting a day or two, I think. She invited the family out to met hers at Barnes & Noble and have coffee. It went well (I thought), and I invited her and her husband to go to a dance at the dance studio where I take lessons. Surprisingly, they both seemed really excited about it.

I stressed out over what to wear for the dance too, and asked my babysitter, "Do I look okay? This doesn't make me look like I'm throwing myself at her, does it??" So yesterday she came over and her little boy played with Cutezilla while we had tea. (Not snooty, pinkie-finger tea; just plain old comfort tea.) Then after awhile, we went for another walk. While we're pushing the strollers up and down the street she says, "I told my husband I think the relationship has progressed to a new level, because I'm going over there and I'm not wearing makeup!"

So apparently, I haven't let out too much crazy yet. Thank God. We're supposed to meet up today to do something to relieve the boredom again today, and I am really excited! Cutezilla loves new people, and she seems to really like this girl, too.

Incidentally, when I came back from dance, I opened the back door, and Cutezilla heard it and came running. When she saw it was me (and not Daddy) she stopped short and ran crying back to the babysitter and threw herself at the babysitter! It's amazing what kids can do for your self-esteem. It's awesome. "My mommy's boring!!!"

But other than getting together with the new girl, my only objective is to take a shower. So wish me luck!

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The Stein Family said...

BTW, If you've spent that much time with this new girl, chances are, you let out plenty of crazy...the good news is, she likes you for who you are!