Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Sister's "25 Random Whatevers"

*Editor's Note: I thought this was absolutely hysterical, so I thought I would post her list here. Enjoy!

1. The people at Papa Johns think I'm weird because I don't order pizza, just the pepperoncinis. I eat them by the truck loads until I'm sick. It's like eating ice cream for me.
2. I like when my cat licks my toes (not in a dirty way). It's exfoliating.
3. I like the smell of Windex.
4. My grandma Brown is 105 years old.
5. My momma is a twin.
6. I like to dust and dust and dust...and might be slightly obsessed with vacuuming. That's what happens when you have three kitties.
7. I have a $1300 cat who crawled down an air vent and got stuck for 8 hours. No he did not cost $1300 dollars. That is how much it cost to fix the damaged we had to do to get him out of the air duct. Dave saved Gerry Lopez and is my hero.
8. I am terrified of getting fired. I dream about it, hence I should probably stop playing on this addictive facebook! Oh and eating at my's a big no, no here.
9. I want to eat a square watermelon.
10. I love grilled pimento cheese sandwiches and tomato soup.
11. and mom's pot roast with rice and gravy.
12. My phone never works because I either break it or something just happens to it. My current phone landed in Vaseline and clogged the I can't hear anything.
13. I wish baking on the beach was good for you. I just want to be tan!!! Skin cancer says pasty white is in. : (
14. I watch the Gilmore Girls every afternoon after work. Yes, I am a loser.
15. I am a big fan of Bromance and any of the Brett Michaels reality shows. Terrible, I know.
16. My friends don't let me borrow books because I never finish them or return them. Currently, I have been reading "Eat, Love and Pray", "Flowers in the Attic" and " Marly and Me" since last spring.
17. I don't check my voicemail ever and it annoys most everyone.
18. I wish I had studied harder when I took french. I don't remember anything except for Je suis American...and I am pretty sure that is incorrect.
19. I hope I don't die from a disease, drowning, or a fire, but peacefully in my sleep freaks me out too.
20. I want an automatic litter box cleaner for my birthday. Take note my friends.
21. I'd like a Westie, but unfortunately I have enough trouble feeding and exercising myself that I think it would be a bad idea.
22. Linus, my kitty will only drink out of the sink and he sleeps on my head.
24. I'd like to be a little more humble in 2009.
25. I love my family.

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