Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Scream-A-Thon

"The boss says to hubby,
California's the place you oughta be!
So he loaded up his bag,
and he flew to San D!
Deigo, that is.
Black and white whales.
Football stars."

The hubby is currently in San Diego on business. When did he leave? Tuesday afternoon. When did I find out? Monday afternoon. How long will be be gone? Until the end of the week. I swear, he's actually ditching me and fleeing the country for Tijuana. (It's not that far, actually.)

I couldn't blame him, though, if he did. We're currently trying to break Cutezilla of her 3am bottle habit. It sounds easy enough, right? Just pack her full, and she should not want it, right? What I keep forgetting is this kid's shear bullheadedness. (Mom says I was worse, though. I'm starting to have my doubts.)

At 3am, I hear her wailing at the gate upstairs. I wait thirty minutes before going in, just to see if she'll just doze off on her own. Of course she didn't, so I thought I'd check in on her, maybe lay down with her and get her calm so she can doze back off. Instead, though, she decided to take it up a notch, and climbed the gate, hanging to it while she screamed and bouncing to shake it. As a result of these sort of antics, it probably won't be very long before she figures out the latch on the gate.

But tonight, I'm going to get to sleep early -- before she wakes up screaming. And hopefully that will be the end of that for me tonight. Tomorrow? No idea. The day after? No idea. But maybe if I can be consistent, when the hubby comes home, we'll be through the worst of it.

In other news, since last night was so miserable, we both woke up late and I missed my Step Class. I did go, and got on the elliptical for 40 minutes, and then went to my dance lesson, but it still wasn't quite the aerobic workout I was hoping for.

But tomorrow is Zumba! It's sort of a hip-hop dance aerobic class, and at the very least, it's fun. It's also a pretty good workout, so if tonight goes okay, maye I'll make it in time for my classes!

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The Stein Family said...

You should've tagged along with the hubby -- SD is only 6 hours away -- of course I'm not much up for travelling right now! Good luck with the little one!