Friday, January 16, 2009

Project Pics!

Finally! My projects! Please note that none of these have yet been hung up yet. That's another task in and of itself. Getting them done was hard enough!
Okay, this first one is a wreath that holds cards. It has about 24 or so yards of ribbon wrapped around a wreath form.
This one is a door/wall hanging for my niece, Addison. It's not yet been mailed, but since she's only three, and I started it before she was born, I'm not terribly sweating it.

This one was for a friend's daughter. The white stripes are grosgrain ribbon so when she gets older, she can display her artwork on the wall. In the meantime, the embroidered initials make it a little more decorative by itself

This last one is wall art for Ava's room. I found wooden stars and hearts and painted them. I took this photo just to get an initial impression, but the final piece(s) ended up with two stars instead of two hearts, and I swapped them around on the background colors a bit. But I'm looking forward to getting everything hung up!

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