Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year's First Post

The Holidays are gone, and as much as I do love Christmas, it's nice to have some normalcy back. If there is such a thing. I'm kind of thinking "not"...

But we got a good amount of loot, and the hubby and I spent a wonderful Christmas Eve Day driving around Charleston in the 80 degree weather, had a wonderful lunch at one of our favorite restaurants, R&B's, where I had a fantastic crabcake sandwich and stone ground grits. REAL grits, too! No instant stuff!

Our table!
Our view!

After that we headed over to see our friend's twins, Sam and Ella, who are already adorable. We went and saw the Christmas lights at James Island, but Ava didn't enjoy it quite as much as maybe the rest of us would have. That's okay. There's always next year!

We had friends in for New Years, and that was really nice. I got all my "official" Christmas projects done, including a holiday wreath card holder, the stockings I made for my friends, and a few gifts I put together, which I'll post pics of later... if I ever get the pics downloaded! I didn't get pics of the stockings though. I thought they turned out fairly well, as long as you weren't examining the seams or whatnot.

I think my Christmas Elf project went over well. No one was really expecting the stockings, and I found a few neat things for them here and there.

She Who Must Not Sleep got a few wins in though, over the holiday. Last night she woke up every hour from 11pm until 6am, and wouldn't have ANYTHING to do with me. She only stopped wailing and screaming when I asked if she wanted me to get her daddy. (Yeah. He was thrilled with me.) I don't think she was teething, but I know she's getting in some monsters. Hopefully they'll break through soon. Poor kid. (And poor hubby.)

She's been a real daddy's girl lately too. I come up to take her from him and she waves me off, buries her head in his shoulder, or starts climbing him so he can't put her down. I have no idea what the problem is, but this first week without him is going to be interesting.

I started back to the gym today. I missed my aerobics class by 7 minutes. If I miss the warmup, I feel odd about joining in... so I went and did the outdoor track instead, then jumped on the elliptical and did some weight lifting. But tomorrow morning, the hubby will be home, so he said he'll help me get out the door so I can make it to pilates on time.

The cycle class (again) us the one I really want to hit over the next few weeks. I know, I know, I said it for months last year and only managed to get to a handful... Dinner is usually the big problem with the later cycle class. I usually need to go to the grocery store, prep everything, etc... But I'm hoping, if I can get a better handle on prep, I'll have the free time to go and get back before the hubby comes home. (Hopefully.) I've got weekly calendars up on the fridge to plan dinners out, too.

I'm also getting over what is hopefully the last of sinus infection of 2008. I got two over the holidays, a nice little stomach bug I picked up the day after Christmas... and a partridge in a pear tree! So hopefully I'm done for awhile. A long while. (If I got pregnant right now, I think my immune system would hoist up the white flag, and they'd have to put me in a quarantine bubble.)

So, as usual wish me luck.

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