Wednesday, January 7, 2009

OW... OW... OW...

The aftermath of the first day back at the gym is never really nice. I mean, sure some of that muscle burn is good. At least it lets you know you're actually doing something there while you're doing your hamster wheel routine. Problem for me is, I don't know if I'm going to get as far as I want to with this.

I spent nine months working off six little pounds, and in three weeks, I managed to destroy all that, plus some. Just thinking about it makes me a more than a little cranky, honestly.

But I got to my cycle class today, and the pilates class which I've missed for over a month, if not longer. And I can really feel it too. Well, with the cycle class, I was expecting to suck it up. Pilates, though... it's good I'm getting back into it. I like the class, and the instructors. Cycle, even if the instructors are good, I still get that gerbil feeling. At least on the elliptical, I have the Rachael Ray Show. (She just had a recipe for Pimento Mac and Cheese! How much like freaking heaven does that sound???)

But yesterday, I walked the outdoor trail, and today my behind and legs are complaining about it. Tomorrow, they should be howling. And if they're not, I'm gonna be ticked. I did not sweat all over that floor, and have that stupid seat poke me in the rear constantly while I was standing up on the pedals just so my butt could think, "Eh. I've had worse." Nope. 'Fraid not.

Tomorrow? Step Aerobics.


The Stein Family said...

You should try my diet of morning sickness, applesauce and bananas...I've lost 5 lbs since last thurs and that's with the anti-nausea meds! I'd be willing to give up the morning sickness if you'd like to take it over for me!

Southern Tiger said...

Actually.. very tempting, to be weirdly honest. But I don't think I could take another kid right now. Ava is too much all by herself!