Friday, January 23, 2009

My Vacation!

I mean, Ava's First Day of Parent's Day Out!

I enrolled Ava in an Mother's Day Out (MDO) program at a local church here, and it starts at 9am, and goes until 2pm. I am thrilled! Ava? I'm pretty sure she had a good time, although she cried a bit when I dropped her off. I was a little surprised, though. She's not usually clingy. But it was nice, honestly. The last few days, she's been really excited to see me when I pick her up from the nursery at the Y, which has been nice, too. She bounces along as she runs, and her little curls bounce too. It's adorable.

But I was so excited about my day off, I went home and... did dishes? Actually, I took a long glorious, uninterrupted shower, got dressed, ate some lunch, dozed a little... and then did dishes. I tried to clean the bathroom a little too. The house is still a wreck. It seems like it takes us a whole weekend to get it straight and then 15 minutes with Cutezilla running around to demolish it.


I made it to Zumba this morning, which was my second real aerobic workout all week. My efforts on Monday were thwarted by an appetizer at Chili's. Okay, I ordered the Crispy Chicken Tacos, too. That was my own fault... but still! I did really well on Monday, aside from that tiny little detail. And I did really well today. Zumba, weightlifting, the elliptical, and more dance. I think I ate okay too, for a change.

But we'll see. I was looking in the mirror at dance, and I know I'm wearing some extra layers because it's been cold... but still, I shouldn't look 4 months pregnant. :meh: That's been kind of depressing. But I'm going to try and stick with the workout and be good about the food, and pray something happens here in the next two months or so.

I did some equating yesterday, and if all the weigh I'm carrying is fat (it's not 100% but it's not a low number either), then I am carrying the equivalent of forty sticks of butter. Did you get that? FORTY. Do me a favor, so you really understand. Go to the store. Pick up a 4-pack of butter. Now pick up one more. And now two more. Now try to imagine, while standing there juggling four packages of butter in your hands, 16 more of those, and that's what I'm carrying around.

And yes, some of it has shaped up, and for that I'm immensely thankful... but I'm still 20 pounds more than before I got pregnant. What the hell is it? Where did it come from and WHY IS IT STICKING AROUND??? Like I said, if I gain muscle, I'll weigh more that before I got pregnant, and I'm okay with that. But, if my extra weight was all muscle? I would look insanely AMAZING. I'd be so ripped, you'd be able to see my toe muscles individually.

So please wish me luck in the next few months. It really bothers me, and honestly I need to go shopping for clothes, but whenever I try on things, I just see how badly I look, and everything looks terrible on me. I desperately need to clean out my closet too, but I don't want to do it until I can go shopping and not feel miserable.

On the upside, we have a babysitter for tomorrow, and I'm going to scrapbook tomorrow. I've got my box all packed, organized, and ready to go. I also finished invitations for a friend's baby shower, and I think they look pretty cute. I did a few crafty things to send along with the invites for the shower too, so I'm pretty excited about that. I managed another blog entry, and went dancing tonight... all good stuff.

We're going skiing in a few weeks, which will be awesome! I haven't been in years, and it will be so fantastic to have snow and be able to get out and have some fun in it. I'm also finally feeling some better, and my cold -- while still not gone -- is a lot better. So, lots of good things going on. I just need to think about the good things, not persist on the bad, and keep trying to do what I can.

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